Friday, February 1, 2013

I Just Have a Lot of Feelings!!!

My younger sister Stephanie once told me a story about a girl she worked with. The girl was talking about PMSing and how she would get really emotional. She told Stephanie how her boyfriend didn't seem to understand that she just had a lot of feelings and that when he didn't get it she would have more feelings. Well lately I have had a lot of feelings! Lucky for me I have a wonderful and patient husband who just holds me and says that it is just fine for me to cry and not know why. After a week of finding myself in tears at least once a day I think it is safe to say that I just have a lot of feelings.

In other news: Today Alex and I are going to find out the gender of our little Poppy seed. I wish that I knew how to feel about this. I have been waiting for it like Christmas but now that it is here I'm nervous. I'm not sure why. I don't know if it's that once I know the gender it is all going to become very real and I then have no excuse not to start getting things ready, or if it just that once I know the gender I am limited to only dreaming about that gender. There is the part of me that thinks it is a girl and then the other part of me that is pretty sure that because I think it's a girl it will be a boy. I think this all just goes back to having too many feelings about everything. Or maybe it just means that I have a talent for over thinking things. All I can say is that it will be a miracle if I can get through today without some kind of tears.

Alex is greatly enjoying the fact that Poppy seed can now hear and has taken to singing or talking to my tummy any chance he gets (and yes, it is both hilarious and adorable because they are never normal songs or normal things to say to a baby.) He is still waiting, in a not-so-patient way, for the time when he can feel the baby move. He is frustrated that I can feel movement and he can't, but from what everyone is telling us that should change soon.

Well I will try and be better about keeping this blog updated and I will let you all know the gender very soon!