Saturday, October 13, 2012

Marathons and Colds

Well so much for being bloggers.  It has been almost a month and I have told myself every few days that I need to write on the blog and I am only just now getting to it.  In my defense I got really sick right after the last post.  First I got the flu and was in bed with a fever and an unhappy stomach.  And if that wasn't enough, about a week after that I got a horrible cold that still has me coughing.  Alex also has the cold but luckily his didn't set in until after he ran the marathon.

Speaking of the marathon, Alex was amazing!  I am so proud of him that he made it through all 26.2 miles! He didn't even seem like running all that way bothered him all that much, right after he finished he started telling me what he wanted to do for his next marathon.  He says that he wants to be one of the old men that can't even remember how many marathons he has run.  I told him that was ok with me as long as he is careful because I would like a husband that is still able to walk in his old age.

Alex found these shorts for $5 and decided he needed them.

This is them at 4:30 in the morning looking very excited before heading out. 

Coming toward the finish line and not looking as full of energy as they did 8 hours ago. 

They were so glad to be done and we were all so proud of them!!

He felt pretty good about himself after running for over 5 hours. 
Now I can feel some of you wondering how my running has been going... well it hasn't.  I ran the once and then I got really sick and I just haven't done it again yet.  I guess that Alex wasn't as good and keeping me going as I thought. :)  But he did take great care of me while I was sick.  And as soon as we are both well again maybe we will try getting me running again.


  1. Congratulations on your marathon Alex! That's amazing!

  2. Go Alex! That is awesome! I hope you feel better Melissa...being sick is no fun (except you get to lay in bed and get pampered. :)) Love you!

  3. Love the shorts! I didn't know that Alex was running a marathon --- Oh, maybe I did and just didn't think about how long a marathon is.

  4. Love the shorts! Glad you are better now. Take care. We love you.

  5. Good job Alex! That is awesome. I can't even imagine myself running for 5 hours. That's just torture.

  6. I am always impressed with people who run for so long but a marathon hurts my knees just thinking about it! Congrats on the marathon Alex and Melissa, hope you are feeling better.

  7. I wish we had been there to see them run the marathon, then again those shorts are a little disturbing so maybe it is a good thing we missed it ;) Good job Alex, you guys are my heroes for running a marathon! Melissa, I hope you didn't stay sick too long!