Friday, January 4, 2013

The Holidays Have Been Good To Us!!!

Once upon a time there was a wild bear, or was it a boar, it might possibly have been a beaver but then when I told this story before I distinctly remember telling a story about a furry animal whose name began with a “B” and ended with an “R” and only had one syllable thereby ruling out the following as protagonists of my story: backpacker, backslider, baroceptor, bobsledder, bootlegger, bootlicker, brachiator, buccaneer, brontosaur, and of course the infamously viscous baffler whose only known predator is the Chessmaster 2000 with his smug face and robes that he can only have stolen from Gandalf himself. If the hero of this tale wasn’t a bear he might have been a bawr, a beer (now that’s just ridiculous), a bier, a birr, a blur, a boor, a brer, or possibly a burr…however I’m now one hundred percent certain that it was a bear, and further more that this story has nothing to do with the task that I set out to do when I began writing this blog entry…a great many apologies to those who feel I have wasted their time.
What I’m trying to say is my wife created a blog and she wrote the first two entries and then told me that it was my job to write this next one so that everyone would know that this a joint venture. My response was to then procrastinate, and put this project off long enough for me to have a substantial amount to blog about…which I have done with great success! And now I begin…
GREETINGS! I have never written a blog entry before this one and therefore hope that I have not offended anyone yet with my meaningless babbling in the previous two paragraphs. I should note also that I honestly don’t know where to begin so I will start with the most exciting events of late and then proceed forth telling of other equally exciting, though not quite as exciting as the first item on the list, events in this the Alex and Melissa King family.
First: WE’RE HAVING A BABY!!!!! Which, most of you know since I’m pretty positive that anyone reading this is also friends with us on Facebook. This is the part where I should probably be a little serious at the risk of getting smacked upside the head by Melissa. So, nowhere in my description of events past, present, or future will I refer to our fetal king-ling as an alien, a goblin, a potato, an old man, or Hector. The truth is that, to say both of us are excited for this new addition to our family is a gross understatement! Melissa has made it to stage two which means that any talk at all has the potential to make her cry. And I’m slightly evil because I occasionally will talk about wonderfully exciting things just to see if I can turn on the waterworks. For example, in the car the other day I began describing to her a scene wherein she woke up and walked into the living room to see me on the couch, snuggling with baby and reading or singing lullabies. With a swat to my arm she told me to stop, which meant to me that I won. Of course I can’t say much, I’ve heard that there is such thing as sympathy pains that happen to the husband when his wife is pregnant, and I wasn’t sure I believed in such a thing. However, lately anytime I watch a movie about a man losing his family, or hear a song about a fella who’s nervous about the paternal responsibilities that lay before him, or even when I think too much about the future being that I’m going to be able to call son or daughter (we don’t know yet) my eyes start to leak this strange salty fluid. I blame sympathy emotional attachment disorder which is a real thing – as of now.
If you tilt your head to the left, stand on one foot, cross your eyes and look very closely at this picture, you might just look ridiculous! Seriously though I've never seen such a clear ultra sound, and the good news is, we're not having a squirrel!

Next: CHRISTMAS!!! I may need to dial it back on the exclamation points for fear of people thinking I’m digitally yelling in their faces. I’ll do that next time. We took a much needed vacation up to Spokane to visit Melissa’s family. While there we enjoyed sledding, making crooked snowmen, watching 12+ hours of Lord of the Rings, fingernail painting (that one was Melissa although I did consider having my cuticles healthened. That really makes no sense, does it?), and lots of other family fun stuff. It was great! Countless thanks to Mom and Dad McCarty for letting Melissa and me invade and share Christmas!
Nextly: New Years!! For those of you that don’t know, every year on New Year ’s Eve there is a big party at my parent’s house where there is much feasting and playing of games. We went. Melissa took a nap from 11:15 pm to 11:55 pm. We had a blast.
Let’s see…finally: I read two novels in two weeks (a personal record), ate lots of delicious food (the names of which I have forgotten), Melissa and I are now proud owners of a food storage beginners kit, and…old man cardigan.
Well, that should probably be enough for now. I’m very sorry it has taken me so long to get this post up. I know if you are anything like my wife (or me) you probably check our blog daily in hopes that we have posted something new, only to be disappointed with the same old amazing photographs of me in psychedelic short shorts…you’re welcome world. We now vow to be better at stuff and improve our other things. If you have somehow made it to this point of today’s entry, thank you for your attention, and congratulations on your abundance of patience. Until next time, and finally…Cheers!


  1. 1- I had no idea you guys had a blog
    2- That was an excellent post
    3- You will now have the honor of having ME as a blog stalker! YAAAAAY!!!

  2. I am in love with the picture of our new little niece or nephew! How stinking cute is that??! Also, I think this post proves that Alex and Melissa are both great blog post writers so Melissa can rightfully ask him to share the blogging responsibilities. Love you guys! Congratulations again on the little bambino!

  3. Please be a girl, please be a girl, please be a girl.

  4. We are going to say the opposite... please be a boy, please be a boy. Liam wants a boy cousin (Brandon says)